About Us

"Hello. My name is Thwipster. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

We built Thwipster as a place for creators and collectors to buy & sell the things they love with the world’s largest* community of pop culture and entertainment enthusiasts.

Our Story

Thwipster started back in 2011 as a daily deals platform selling the some pretty awesome comics and toys. Our original purpose was to provide a single, new exciting product each day this quickly grew into 5, 10 or more products each day. As successful as it was we wanted to build something even larger with more impact. So we put the site on pause planning to build something new and be back in six months...

Three years later we’re back. Why the long break? Life happened. New jobs, family, motivations. This time we’re set to build the world’s largest pop culture marketplace with all the energy and excitement of the Thwipster before it.

*Not really

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